Izar Gorri

Smoked Red Lager


Water, barley malt and beechwood-smoked malt, barley flakes, hops and yeast.


SIGHT: Intense ruby color with light brown sparkles, medium-low carbonation and very fine, millimetric bubbles.

SMELL: Strong herbal aroma. Highlight the berries of green pepper and juniper, firewood and lime peel also stand out.

TASTE: Balsamic, mint, sage, clove and cumin, highlights the smoked beech, bacon and raw almond.

TEXTURE: The alcohol is very present, balanced with the astringency of the herbaceous, resinous, short-drink hops.

GENERAL IMPRESSION: A lager out of parameters, very spicy and round at the same time, with a strange balance between hops and firewood.

5,1% vol. – 55 ibus


Our Beers:


Izar Gorri is the first lager of our family, smoked, and the reddest star in the Morlaco universe. As red as our region shield, the crowd that accompanies our team and like the scarf we wear around our necks.

Without any doubt, a beer that will revolutionize the entire troop.


Mexican dishes and Indian cuisine, Cabrales, pecorino and epoisses cheeses.