Wheat Ale


Water, Vienna malt, wheat malt, hops, yeast.


Peculiar variety of wheat beer. Pale amber color, medium body and slight cloudiness. With a perfect level of foam for its class. The traces of orange are balanced with a touch of pleasant bitter aftertaste. Its hoppy aroma remains well defined and compensated.

5,5% vol. – 18 ibus

Nuestras cervezas:


The German Purity Law was decreed in 1516, same year as Juan III of Albret or Labrit died. He was the last King of Navarre. He names our famous beer and the famous “Fronton” from Pamplona (players whacking a hard ball against a wall, called a fronton, with little more than their hands).


Perfect for pairing with acid salad dressings, cheese omelets or pork dishes.