English IPA

English India Pale Ale


Water, Pale Ale malt, English hops and English yeast, wich contributes to a mineralized flavor


MORLACO ENGLISH IPA is a medium-bodied beer with pale orange tint, clear and persistent foam, medium carbonation.
The floral hop aroma is moderate with a slight fruitiness. The intensity of hops is usually lower tan its American sister (Morlaco Tropical IPA).
The palate is a bitter and hoppy beer but perfectly balanced with the aroma. Malt flavor is low and hides under the hop bitterness that though it has English character, somehow there is a noticeable reminiscent of caramel or biscuits.
The final mouthfeel is dry and the aftertaste is bitter, but not persistent

6,5% vol. – 51 ibu

Our Beers:


Inspired by the tourist who visit Pamplona during Sanfermin Festival, we have developed this hoppy beer, full of flavor, floral aroma and bitterness according to the English style, but with all the strength of the region’s best products. Do you have the guts to face this Morlaco?


Perfect for pairing with a creamy camembert cheese type meal, meat cooked with curry spices and typical dishes of oriental cuisine.
We always love the pairing of IPA beers with Japanese food, ginger, sushi with soy sauce and a generous amount of wasabi