Imperial Stout


Water, barley and oat malt (8 in total), liquorice root, hops and yeast.


Black beer, dry and top fermenting. Dark color and full-bodied. It has a light brown foam, very persistent and optimal adhesion.

Made with seven different malts, it has an intense flavor perfectly balanced with toasted and smoky notes.

On the nose, prominent roasted malt aroma, cocoa and coffee as secondary notes.

8,5% vol. – 60 ibu –
79 ebc


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There’s nothing in this world like the feeling of running with the bulls in Estafeta street. If you want to experience something like when Ernest Hemingway lived there by the year 1923, there are two things you could do. Coming to Pamplona in July or taste our provocative Imperial Stout.


Perfect for pairing with chocolate truffles, mousse and all kinds of chocolate desserts.