Gariablat 2018

Extra dry hopped Session IPA


Water, wheat malt, Calypso hop, Dorado hop and yeast.


Intense aroma, moderate to strong: clove, banana, vanilla, bread, grain…

Mild flavor, with a slight taste of baked bread or wheat grains, low bitterness, citric acid, intense flavor on the palate and with a relatively dry final taste.

Medium body in the mouth, but not heavy. Suspension yeast increases body perception. The texture provided by the wheat, gives the beer foam a sensation of fluffiness and creaminess.

Very dark golden color. Thick and creamy foam, also white and persistent.

3,4% vol. – 52 ibu –
37 ebc

Nuestras cervezas:


Beer emerged from the collaboration with Fermún Beers (Catalonia).
It is a very special beer made from 100% wheat malt, hence its name, the combination of the word wheat in Catalan and in Basque


White sausages with sweet mustard, goat cheese, pork knuckle.