American Basque India Pale Ale


Water, barley malt, hops (Polaris, Symcoe, Summit and experimental “Basque” hop) and yeast.


Amber color, medium millimeter bubble and low foam.

Smell: Papaya, mango and orange peel in the foreground, Botanical with sage and thyme, caramel.

Taste: Tropical fruits and citrus but accompanied by fruit with bone, the botanical part is more remarkable than in the nose, menthol and resinous, the malt is noticed and balances the hops bitterness, with toffee and caramel flavors.

Touch: Long-drink beer, fresh and easy to drink, but with enough body and roundness.

5,2% vol. – 42 ibu –

18 ebc

Nuestras cervezas:


Morlaco is coming to Iparralde guided by the spirit of the sorginak (witches) sent to the bonfire by the infamous judge De Landre. Soon he feels powerful when he turns into Akerra It will only take a few dances and a few drinks of this tasty IPA to gather the greatest of the akelarres never seen.

Baga, biga, higa …


Soft dough cheeses, poultry and dishes where vegetables predominate.