Water, oatmeal malt, spelt malt and barley malt, Calypso, Willamette and Ekuanot hops, yeast.


Opaque blond color, with big bubble sparkles and low retention.

Smell: Jasmine and orange blossom, intense pineapple, very botanical, with touches of stevia, thyme and oregano, mandarin, fruit with bone and persimmon in the background.

Taste: The floral part takes over the initial attack, including Hibiscus flower and again orange blossom, the botanical part in the mouth tends with the sage and laurel, the final reminiscent of pear compote and muesli.

Touch: Very pronounced and silky body with oats, mild astringency granted by the spelt and the heavy load of hops, medium-long drink and “sparkling” CO2.

Overall impression: a very sweet and floral-botanical Neipa, with much thickness, but bypassing the use of lactose normally employed for it in style.

4,4% vol. – 25 ibu –

10 ebc

Nuestras cervezas:


Morlaco learned that lunar hops existed but nobody told him those were a protected plant until he came back with the product. Now he is arrested by the moonipas and we are risking our nek, we have used it to elaborate this Oat-spelt NEIPA that only a lunatic would let pass without tasting.


The New england IPAs are cloudy beers, creamy, with great body and fresh aromas and flavors of tropical fruits.

Cold meats, charcuterie and cheeses.

Our moonipa, in addition, can be paired with vegetables and sweet nuts like cashew nuts or macadamia nut.