Scottish Export


Water, barley malt and flakes oat, hops and yeast.


Ruby red colour, crystalline and medium-low retention foam.

Smell: pear compote and red apple, quince, honey and caramel.

Taste: Fruity but the malt takes center stage: caramel, walnut, cashew, molasses and a subtle almond memory.

Touch: long drink beer, high density at not very high gradation, alcoholic warmth well integrated and elegant.

General impression: a peculiar Scottish export beer due to the absence of flavors like bread and biscuit, but in its style both for the use of ingredients as production processes totally scotish.

5,1% vol. – 22 ibu –
37 ebc

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In the year 1808, the Navarre regiment defends the city from French attacks in the impenetrable Redín bulwark. Look through the flavor of the old city wall and if you see coming Napoleonic troops, Invite them for a drink!


Soft dough cheeses, freshwater fish and nuts.