Rye Oat Imperial Milk Stout


Water, rye, oat and barley malt, lactose, cassonade extra dark, hops and yeast.


View: opaque, saturated black color, coppery foam of very fine millimeter and high retention.

Smell: on the nose several aromas stand out together: chocolate, licorice, cinnamon, nutmeg, almond and a contribution of smoke, while we identify ripe plum.

Taste: delicious flavor of walnut, almond, burnt bonbon, plum, sponge cake, coffee and cocoa

Touch: dense, creamy and oily texture, warm and round alcohol warmth.

10,1% vol. – 85 ibu – 107 ebc

Nuestras cervezas:


The craft beer revolution continues to conquer beer souls and Morlaco takes the reins creating a deep beer,
more than 10 alcoholic strengths to which he has lit a wick and is willing to throw them against those who continue to drink industrial beer

What are you drinking?


Aged and buttery cheddar, chocolate cake, profiteroles, spicy food and roasts.